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I help environmentally- and socially-conscientious leaders grow the foundational skills of self-leadership necessary to thrive and make their greatest positive impact in the world.

I believe that the healing and self-development of individual leaders will lead to transforming harmful, outdated systems into more equitable and sustainable systems that promote the wellbeing of people and the planet.

While working as a research assistant at Oregon State University, I began my self-development path when I took my first leadership course. I experienced the transformational power of working with a coach to identify my core values, strengths and ambitions, and participated in several additional leadership and coach training programs. I immersed myself in learning about building habits, cultivating emotional intelligence, goal setting and execution, psychology and any other topic that I thought might lead to improving my understanding of human nature. I also conducted self-experiments where I practiced applying the knowledge learned from experts in various disciplines to figure out how to make desired changes in my life.

From my research and self-experiments, I learned how to apply concepts and tools such as keystone habits and habit-stacking to establish and maintain healthy habits, and I also gained an understanding of the circumstances under which those tools are insufficient for producing desired results. I came to understand how limiting beliefs, which often operate outside of our conscious awareness, can create roadblocks that can’t be overcome with strategic tools applied consciously. I discovered how to work at the root cause level to shift stubborn, unhealthy patterns of thoughts and behaviors by identifying and replacing the core limiting beliefs that prevent people from being as healthy, happy and connected as they could be.

Now I use my strengths in strategic planning and implementation, finding root causes to complex problems, and commitment to lifelong learning and adult development to help leaders identify and hone their unique strengths to unlock their creative potential and live healthy, fulfilling lives. My mission is to equip leaders with the knowledge, tools and support needed to improve their long-term health, the success of their organizations, and our collective ability to preserve and restore the life-sustaining systems of the planet.

Healthy Leaders —> Healthy PeopleĀ  —> Healthy Planet

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